Hot Cocoa Bomb! Chocolate shell, filled with our Ghirardelli hot cocoa mix. Drizzled with chocolate and topped with sprinkles. Large Mug Topper marshmallow included. 


These bombs  will fit into a regular sized mug, and make 1 cup of cocoa. 


Put the bomb into a mug and pour hot water or hot milk over the bomb to melt the chocolate and release the delicious hot cocoa inside. Add your handmade Mug Topper marshmallow for a rich and creamy mug of cocoa.



*these bombs come with the large mug topper marshmallows included, but do not contain any marshmallow pieces inside the bomb.

Hot Cocoa Bomb with Mug Topper

  • Our cocoa bombs will stay fresh for 4 weeks. Keep sealed and away from a heat source.